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Your Learning Opportunities

Learn Emotional Intelligence on your own time with the EQ Course!

Curious about emotional intelligence, The Working Genius, and DISC? Looking for a low-commitment intro to these tools? Start learning and see how they can impact your life with our DIY Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive.

This free, 5-module online course is designed to guide you through DISC and Working Genius so you can start to understand and apply them. You can complete this starter course within a few hours unlock insights immediately. Learn more & get started today!

Grow your Team's Capacity for Success with the Hands-on EQ Workshop!

Feeling stuck with your team? Looking to increase your team's productivity, morale, efficiency, and overall joy?

The 8-week Emotional Intelligence Workshop helps you and your team understand and value each other's strengths through The Working Genius and DISC tools. In the workshop, you'll learn to communicate better, gain insights for a streamlined workflow, and leverage everyone's strengths for more productivity and fulfillment. Every team needs this hands-on deep dive!

Start the Discussion & Development in your Team with EQ Training

Wondering how emotional intelligence training can benefit your team and how you can start learning easily and quickly? You can download the free EQ Seminar video, host a watch party with your team, and start the discussion immediately.

The 45-minute EQ Seminar is led by Cheri Anderson, facilitator of our EQ Workshop and emotional intelligence expert. The seminar gives you and your team a taste of how the DISC and Working Genius tools can open up actionable insights for you!

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